Emperors on the Ground

Males come down to the ground to feast on Vile Excrescences from time to time, especially in mid morning, and on made-up hard core rides. 

They often feed with their wings closed, and can easily be overlooked or almost trodden on.  Look out for a ‘sharks fin’ on the ride surface, watch out for canine deposits from afar and approach with care. 

If you disturb one feeding, or if one flies low close to you, FREEZE.  Keep dead still, and he may well settle nearby, or even on you (especially if you’ve already rolled in something Vile…). 

Males can feed for long periods – up to an hour.  Often, they take a break half way through, and fly up to a low bush for a few minutes, usually to clean the tongue.  Wait, for they often come back down again. 

Yes, you can pick them up when they are engrossed and satiated.  Sometimes, though, they are incredibly wary and inapproachable.