Savernake Forest


Savernake Forest (FC), Marlborough, Wilts.  There is a small colony at the S end of the forest, along Three Oak Hills Drive that leads up to an 19th century column.  Access could not be easier as you can drive up to the column, and can even park by some of the 'Master Tree' sites.  You can drive down Grand Avenue, which runs SE off the A4, and then turn right and up to the Column,  There is a good ride-side, easy access 'Master Tree' site along Three Oak Hills Drive at SU 23287 65125: look south-east and upwards past a tall standing dead beech trunk.  Also, males gather on beech trees to the immediate SE of the Column itself, at precisely SU 22942 64791.  The Column is a good family picnic site, and the whole of Three Oak Hills Drive is easy access. 

Note that males fly around unusually tall trees in Savernake, and look tiny, so you need binoculars to work this wood.  Also, this is not a good locality for photographing iris, as they do not seem to visit the rides much, and there are very few other butterflies of note here.