Fermyn Wood


Fermyn Wood (FC), Brigstock Country Park, Northants.  This area of Rockingham Forest seems to support the largest Purple Emperor population in Britain.  The interest extends to other woods in this area, especially the large woodland block to the S (Lady Wood, Souther Wood & Titchmarsh Wood), but the main Fermyn Wood block is first class.  You can either park in Brigstock Country Park (excellent café + cake, and loos) and walk up through Black Hairstreak country, or at entrances off the road that leads to Lyveden New Bield, at SP 961857 and SP 966859.  Emperors descend to the made-up rides in some numbers here, along Stephen Oak Riding and Cherry Lap.  Explore and enjoy.  Wheelchair-friendly.  Also good for White Admiral and White-letter Hairstreak (and Black Hairstreak a little earlier).